Enter your name for a free trip to Guatemala!

Our current contest offer is a free learning adventure for a full week of 6 hours daily of one on one classes and homestay with 3 daily meals (no meals on Sundays) in beautiful Antigua. PLFM of Antigua, Guatemala is one of our most popular programs and is highly rated.

The contest will run for an indefinite time. To enter, send an email to


Add a brief comment about the subject of your choice.  This can be something such as why you want to learn Spanish, a comment about a past Language Link experience, where you want to go in the future or something similar.  We really enjoy hearing from you.

That's all you have to do to enter the random drawing. The winner will be notified by email, and your prize will be good up to one year from the end of contest date. We count many past happy winners among our Language Link learning family.