Spanish Programs for 50 Plus

Although we have students of all ages participating in all our schools at all times of the year, sometimes more mature students prefer learning in a group of their own age. Their cultural interests may also be different.  Many of our schools have specific programs designed for these ages who want to be with their peers and not mixed with the general student population.

The following schools have specific programs.  Please note that they have special start dates, and the fees usually include excursions and more cultural activities.  Please see Program Descriptions under each school and costs under each school’s Fee Schedule.

Because sometimes your needs as a mature student may be complex, please contact us to discuss what is best for you.  We will be pleased to discuss things with you at 800.552.2051, worldwide U.S. 309.673.9220,

For more information see the schools below under the Programs & Descriptions section of each school for information about their programs for more mature students. The fees will be in each school’s Fees  section.

Costa Rica - Intercultura of Heredia, Costa Rica
Conversa of Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Spain - IH Barcelona of Barcelona, Spain
Eureka of Madrid, Spain
CLIC of Seville, Spain