Travel Insurance for Medical and Trip Cancelation

Traveling can mean encountering the unexpected, from small inconveniences to truly serious emergencies.  Language Link has teamed up with TravelEx to offer a wide range of coverage and 24/7 travel assistance to meet the challenges of today’s travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip. Even if you have medical coverage in the U.S., almost no policies will cover medical expenses when you are out of the country.  This includes Medicare.  In case you have to cancel your trip for whatever reason, if you have trip insurance, you can be reimbursed for airfare and all prepaid costs.

We have been sending people to study abroad for over twenty five years.  We have experience with helping both the student and TravelEx expedite the claim. It costs no extra to use us as a contact point.  We are based out of the US, so we are readily available for you and TravelEx in the case of any claims. We want you to have a safe, hassle-free, and pleasant trip!

There are several ways to contact TravelEx: you can download one of these forms and fax, email or mail it to TravelEx; you can call them directly at (800) 228-9792 and mention our locator number of 13-1069 (you use this number as a record in case you need to file a claim); or you can fill the form out on their website at and don't forget to use the location number of 13-1069.

95% of our clients will only need the Travel Basic plan.  It is a general cost effective plan that covers your basic needs and is cost effective.  If you are staying longer than 30 days you will need the Travel Lite plan.  You have to register for this on-line or by telephone.

Travel Insurance Information and Registration Forms

Travel Basic
Travel Max
Travel Select                                                                                                                                                              

Top reasons to buy Travel Insurance:

My daughter is too sick to travel. 
Most Travelex plans include trip cancellation/interruption coverage which allows you to cancel or interrupt your trip and be reimbursed for non-refundable expenses related to your trip, protecting your travel investment.

We were traveling when I suddenly developed chest pains. 
When a medical emergency happens far away from home and proper medical facilities, you want to ensure you receive adequate medical care and emergency transportation for you if needed to the nearest facility or back home. Many plans also include pre-existing condition coverage.

My employer is downsizing – I’m concerned about losing my job.
Travelex trip cancellation/interruption benefits protect against employment termination, layoffs, transfers, mergers and acquisitions, allowing you to recover your trip investment if the unthinkable should happen.

My travel supplier just declared bankruptcy.
Common carriers with financial difficulties are becoming increasingly common. Purchasing Travelex travel insurance provides cancelation/ interruption coverage due to bankruptcy or financial default of your airline.

I arrived at my destination but my luggage didn’t.
Whether your bag is lost or merely delayed, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of clothing and personal articles so you can enjoy your trip.

We missed our connection because of a flight delay.
Weather and mechanical difficulties often delay arrivals into a connecting city past the departure of the next flight. If your travel delay is 5 hours or more, you can be reimbursed for the unused portion of your trip and for additional accommodations and meals.

A terrorist act has occurred in a city where my flight will be connecting.
Both domestic and international terrorist incidents are reasons to cancel your trip and protect your investment.

I think my son has an ear infection – how do you say ‘ear infection’ in Spanish?
Travelex plans include 24-hour worldwide assistance. Call toll-free to access our travel assistance company to receive advice or get contact information for English-speaking doctors in your area.

My wallet – with my credit cards and passport – has been stolen.
Emergency assistance services will help you to report your lost documents and make arrangements for an emergency cash transfer should it be required.