Spanish Programs for Volunteers

You may want to put your Spanish language skills into immediate action by devoting some of your time to a worthwhile volunteer project while you are polishing your skills. Almost all Language Link programs can help you do this. Please be realistic, however, and understand that to really make a meaningful impact, it is best to have a stay longer than just a few weeks.

Many of our schools do this in a very informal way. Language Link lets them know about your interests and skills, and then the school will use its extensive local contacts to suggest possibilities for you. An example is Cuernavaca, Mexico, where there are many needy groups welcoming your help. Most of these deal with street children and orphans.  Some schools have close affiliations with local projects. PLFM of Antigua, Guatemala often sends volunteers to the God’s Child Project.  Becari of Oaxaca, Mexico, encourages help for the Centro de Esperanza Infantil, known in English as Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots, a program helping the street children of Oaxaca.

Other programs have very well developed volunteer programs with very specific opportunities. Some charge a volunteer placement fee, and some require a minimum stay.  Please see these schools under their Program Descriptions.

Intercultura of Heredia, Costa Rica

Intercultura of Sámara Beach, Costa Rica

Conversa of Santa Ana, Costa Rica

ECELA of Cusco, Peru

IMAC of Guadalajara, Mexico

Simón Bolívar of Quito, Ecuador

ECELA of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Españolé of Valencia, Spain

ECELA of Santiago, Chile